The BEST food is in HATIKVA market

Hatikva market is not trying to impress anyone, it’s there to serve and feed to neighbor’s residents with the food they love so much.

With great talent, Hatikva Market creates an underground impression for outsiders about it’s located in the heart of the neighborhood.

You would be surprised of how much the market has to offer.

From abundant plates of authentic food, to refreshing food tasting in Bukaran delicatessens, to old Yemen bakeries.

After a shot of Ouzo, with a glass of cold wine, we will taste Saluf, Kube, Kubana

And many more.

We’ll walk around through the market ways.

We’ll learn how North African & Central Asian Jews embraces Hatikva Market for their out culinary center.

Come discover the restaurants and stalls which are full with happy energetic neighbors, who respect their food and love it

  • The tour is an open group and there’s a minimum of 5 participants
  • The tour is about 3 hours long
  • Vegan / Vegetarian / Allergies? Please let us know in advance
  • We recommend to come with comfortable shoes, hat and water