Culinary tour in the Carmel Market

An amazing mix of worldwide tastes and Israeli atmosphere.

There’s no doubt that Carmel Market is THE market of Tel Aviv.

The delicacies, music and history are what makes it to be and arsenal of flavors and into a special human mosaic.

Through the stories of the stall owners we will discover an entire world of culture, food and history.

The market might look old and outdated, but it’s full with delicacies from every part of the world.

With a cold glass of wine in our hand, we will stroll through the small alleys coming out of the Carmel Market. Into the beautiful Kerem Hateimanim neighborhood and then back to where we started.

We’ll walk through the old Yemen bakeries and authentic spice stalls that are passed from father to son.

  • The tour is an open group and there’s a minimum of 5 participants
  • The tour is about 3 hours long
  • Vegan / Vegetarian / Allergies? Please let us know in advance
  • We recommend to come with comfortable shoes, hat and water


סיורי אוכל בשוק הכרמל