A little bit about us:

Our tours are located in Israel’s main food markets.

Carmel market and Kerem Hateimaim, Levinski Market, Hatikva market and Bnei Brak.

We invite you to come and join us for a colorful and authentic tour, to taste all the delicacies the market has to offer, while listening to fascinating stories.

We have a team of professional tour guides to lead your experience

Hey! I'm Nimrod Stern

I’m a food entrepreneur and a tour guide. Crazy about tasty food.

For the past 5 years I’ve been living next to the Carmel Market.

Growing up, the kitchen was the center of our home. Whenever I reach a new location I look for the food area, which I believe, is the beating heart of every city.

I’m lucky to be able to combine my two loves – food and travels, and to guide people through the streets I know so well while they taste the best delicacies Israel has to offer.


Hey! I'm Tomer Akovchek

I’m an actor and a comedian with a master’s degree in Theater, and a huge culinary fan.

My two great passions are cooking and acting.

I started cooking for myself and my friends and slowly I fell in love with the whole culinary field, around the world, and in Israel in particular.

Israel is a small country that offers so many different tastes, colors, smells which alongside the stories, gives you the perfect eating experience.

I decided to express my love for food, by joining ShukEat, and guiding our professional (and very tasty) tours.


Hey! I'm Yarden Harel

I’m a qualified tour guide. Originally from Misgav (which is in the north of Israel) and currently living in Kerem Hateimanim.

I love to go out, the beach and mostly people.

In the past few years I’ve been guiding tours in Israel, and I specify in culinary tours.

At the beginning I was working in communications, then I realized life is too short and I better do what I really love; to travel and meet new people.


I’m addicted to the vibes you get once you step into Kerem Hateimanim. It’s a beautiful neighborhood full with little restaurants and street bars. Each tour I’m doing manages to surprise me – and I live there!

There’s a lot to see, come join me

Hey! I'm Tair Rosenblatt

I have a master’s degree in Political Science and Sociology from Tel Aviv University.

I live in Tel Aviv right beside Kerem Hateimanim. In love with Israeli and Asian cuisine.

I love to meet new people and to get to know them through their taste in food.

What I love especially about our tours is that I have the chance to share my love for food and for having fun with others, each tour is full with funny and interesting experiences.

I love to trek in the mountains, in Israel and abroad.

I have a big dog, Linda, she likes to eat too – obviously!

tal zolti

Hey! I`m Tal zolti

Actress in the national theater, a comedian and an international improviser.
I leaved in the “kerem” for many year’s.
And I’m still in love with the spacial environment, the beautiful structure
and ofcourse the taste and smells of the market and it’s surrounding.
For me it’s a big honor and a lot of fun to take you to experience this magical place, like I experience it throw the story’s and food that design it to be what it is today.
For me the connection between food to any experience and mostly culture activity, is natural and will always improve it, I try to combine food also in the show’s I build for the theater, To make all the senses working.

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